Too Much of a Good Thing

This month our blog is a twofer. We will be discussing how electronics are impacting our children and how we can help them navigate this new world. For starters, here are a few questions to set the pace…

  • How often do you check your phone?
  • How many games do you have downloaded?
  • How many times

Weekend Warriors

Hello everyone!

This month’s blog is about being a weekend warrior and injury prevention from said activities.

A little background on myself, I am Physical Therapist for Cole Rehabilitation and I do consider myself somewhat of a weekend warrior. I say somewhat because the definition that comes to

Eat. Sleep. Have Fun. Repeat!

    School’s out, summer’s here! For most, summer is a great time of year; in fact, many would rank it as high as Christmas. However, for some children, including some of our patients, summer vacation leaves a massive void in their day. School is very routine and structured. For children with sensory


Top 9 Mistakes Patients Often Make in Rehab Therapy

"Our goal for physical therapy is to give our patients the tools to better themselves."     Cole’s Rehabilitation therapy division can tackle a variety of diagnoses, helping you get back to living an independent life. This can be a trying journey and we are here for you every step of the way,