Meet Aspyn

therapists sit with patient

Aspyn with team of therapists (Joan Zittzmann, OT, Jessica Bradley, PT, Julie Dubois, OT)

Aspyn is a remarkable young woman who’s positive attitude lights up every room she enters!

As an avid book reader and reality television connoisseur, Aspyn has come a long way from her days as a shy young child in our clinic 10+ years ago. Now 21, she has her own job, has began her collegiate career this fall as a future business major, and will be learning to drive soon!

Occupational Therapist does exercise with patient      occupational therapy patient does hand workout      Therapists lifting weights with patient

Aspyn in Occupational Therapy session with Julie Dubois, OT

Though Aspyn has overcome tremendous challenges to get to where she is today, her long-term Occupational and Physical Therapy care has brought confidence and independence to her life comparable to many of her peers. As she transitions into adult care, the foundational skills provided by our team of therapists will no doubt stay with her for many years to come.

physical therapist help patient walk     girl with physical therapist     girl on treadmill

Aspyn in Physical Therapy session with Michelle Jordan, PT, MPT

Many of Aspyn’s therapists spoke very highly of her tenacious spirit and outstanding growth in the time each of them had the opportunity to work with her. “She never once complained….even with things she didn’t want to do.” says physical therapist Jessica Bradley, PT, DPT. “She’s always been really easy to work with.” says Occupational Therapist, Julie Dubois, OT.

Before parting with us, we asked Aspyn if there was one thing she’d liked to say to her many therapists. She left us with a simple, powerful and sincere “Thank you!

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