Physical Therapy

Cole Pediatric Therapy has a team of physical therapists who focus on pain management, general strengthening, joint range of motion, endurance, gross motor functioning and other physical issues relating to:

Gross Motor Deficits and Postural Balance Training

Our physical therapists work with children to improve range of motion, strength, mobility, posture, balance, and endurance for independent function. This enables the child to participate in age-appropriate gross motor or school based activities with peers, such as jumping, climbing, kicking, and throwing.

Walking/Gait Training

Our physical therapists help children learn to walk or relearn to walk after a bone fracture or other illness that causes the muscles or bones in the legs to make walking difficult. Cole Pediatric Therapy has specialized equipment that further helps our patients to walk again with a correct gait pattern.

Neuromuscular Diseases/Deficits

Our physical therapists provide specialized care for children with neuromuscular disorders and other related conditions. Our therapists seek to improve the quality of life for children with neuromuscular diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, and neuropathies, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome. We also treat those affected by spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, pediatric strokes, brachial plexus injury, chronic pain, and stiff or weak muscles.

Evaluation for Specialized/Adaptive Equipment

Our physical therapists work in conjunction with medical equipment companies to evaluate a childs need for specialized equipment, such as wheelchairs, splints, standing frames, ankle foot orthoses, etc. to get appropriate and required equipment to aid a child in development and daily life activities.

Athletic / Sport Injury

Our physical therapists work with children, especially teens, suffering from strains and sprains due to sports injuries or orthopedic conditions.

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