Carter's Story

“You changed my life.” – Carter Maurer

Early intervention is key, and when you have child with any type of delay or disability you will do whatever it takes to get them what they need. We lived in a rural area where we were limited on services, but knew our son deserved to get the best pediatric therapies. We moved across the state of Texas to the great Houston area in hopes of finding an answer. After several clinics not fitting our sons needs, I prayed for an answer. My prayers were answered when I found Cole Health.

We meet with Cole Academy and his BCBA director explained how their programs can help address my child’s needs. For the first time in years, when we dropped off our son into Cole Academy we had a peace of mind knowing our child was getting the best delivery of treatment and love with such knowledgeable staff. We got daily reports on his progress and was involved with his treatment programs with his team at Cole Academy. It wasn’t the data that reflected his progress in my momma heart it was hearing my child speak words for the first time to me. Before long those words became sentences, and meaning conversations with my child that we dreamed of.

Our son is now thriving in public education due to the early interventions and treatment programs with ABA, speech, and OT services that Cole offered our family. Cole taught our child foundational skills to help carryover throughout his life and empowered us as a family. We are so blessed to be apart of the Cole family experience. Cole gave our family not just hope but faith in our son’s future. You really changed all of our lives. Thank you!