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Meet Maaz
Maaz’s speech and physical skills have improved greatly since Cole Pediatric Therapy began working with him. So has his independence.

Over the past several months, Maaz, challenged by a severe physical disability, has been receiving occupational therapy services focused on improving functional hand skills. His mother and father recently remarked about how they are seeing increasing motivation for independence, particularly during two everyday activities his friends take for granted: eating and writing. Maaz is now using a fork and spoon with minimal assistance, whereas previously he was dependent on others, and has begun to write smaller letters with increased speed.

Throughout months of therapy, Maaz has shown an increased awareness of both the challenges his disability presents daily, as well as an emerging belief in his own ability to strive for, and obtain, increasing self-sufficiency. Recently Maaz proudly stated, “Now I can eat by myself and open doors.” As Maaz continues to reach goals both he and his parents have set, along with his therapist, it is the hope that many more doors will continued to be opened with the determined efforts of Maaz and his team!