Wishing you had your life BACK?

Wishing you had your life BACK?

by Deante Buckley

“Ever since I started therapy and taking my supplements, I am able to get up each morning feeling less and less pain!”

– Kathy, Cole Rehabilitation Patient

According to recent studies, over 100 million Americans live with chronic and/or persistent pain today. In fact, 6/10 patients experience pain that severely impacts their quality of life. With 10 years of service and counting, Cole Rehabilitation has always maintained a patient first approach, for no one pain problem is the same. Today we are taking this approach a step further and introducing FOTO to each of our Cole Rehabilitation facilities!

What is FOTO, you ask? Short for “Focused on Therapeutic Outcomes,” FOTO is a rehabilitation outcomes measurement software that monitors our patient’s therapy performance from beginning to end.  In other words, it provides and tracks key information about the patient’s physical therapy needs as they progress through our physical therapy program. This information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Identifying and monitoring patient improvement goals
  • Capturing changes in function(s) consistently and accurately
  • Predicting and comparing progress
  • Enhancing engagement with patients

The implementation of this is exciting for both we and our patients for it will allow our therapists to have a better understanding of their patient’s goals and attainability whilst allowing the patient to have a hands-on, step-by-step guide on meeting personalized goals throughout their therapy journey with us.

With more people challenged with chronic pain than ever before, we at Cole are dedicated to improving the lives of patients near and far and coming up with solution(s) best matched to each of their individual needs. We recognize that no one person’s story and experience with pain are the same; therefore, no one approach should be applied to treat those in need of our services. In an effort to being part of the solution to this epidemic, we’re excited to implement our BRAND NEW Chronic Pain Program offered at all 3 of our Cole Rehabilitation facilities. Don’t allow pain to limit your life’s trajectory! Let our team help with a customized plan including:

  • 1-month supply of inflammation reducing supplements (5-30 day supply)
  • Consultation and continued support from a Certified Nutritionist
  • Customized home exercise program therapeutic education
  • Use of modalities such as Kinesiotaping, Ultrasound, ESTIM and Massage for immediate relief
  • Lumbar roll and Bio-freeze for relief at home
  • Step-by-step encouragement in a hopeful environment
  • Knowledge of how best to mange future pain flare-ups to allow sustainability

Elevating the patient experience across all Cole Health facilities will remain a top priority for the foreseeable future. In doing so we’re opting to bring the communities we serve what they truly deserve; the BEST in out-patient care!

Learn more about our Chronic Pain Program and what it could mean for you or your loved one in this brief educational video featuring Vikki Hine, Regional Director of Cole Rehabilitation and Krystal Hammett, our in-house certified nutritionist!

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Chronic Pain? Don’t tolerate it!

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