Mission Trip Day 5

We have a full day of assessments tomorrow at the clinic followed by a home visit with

Home Visit & Clinic Day 3

Orientation and Tour

Our 3rd day in Guatemala started with an orientation and a tour of the ASELSI facilities. The orientation covered the history of ASELSI ministry, Guatemalan culture, and the programs the ministry offers. The group was able to learn about cultural differences between the ladino and indigenous communities

Top 9 Mistakes Patients Often Make in Rehab Therapy

"Our goal for physical therapy is to give our patients the tools to better themselves."     Cole’s Rehabilitation therapy division can tackle a variety of diagnoses, helping you get back to living an independent life. This can be a trying journey and we are here for you every step of the way,


Guatemala Mission Trip- Day 4

Day 4 started by observing ASELSI's milk program. The program consists of approximately 150 mothers from surrounding areas who based off of their infant to 3 year old's poor nutritional intake qualify for grant funded month long milk supply. In order to remain in the program, parents must show compliance