Mission Trip Day 5

We have a full day of assessments tomorrow at the clinic followed by a home visit with

Understanding Ergonomics: Tips for sitting properly at your desk

As we continue to focus on Occupational Therapy throughout the month of April, we wanted to share some important tips on Ergonomics and body positioning.  Enjoy!

What is ergonomics?

  • Ergonomics is the science of designing a person's environment so that it facilitates the highest level of function.
  • Good ergonomics prevent injury and promote health, safety, and comfort

Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 5

We can't believe that our last day of working with the children in the clinic at ASELSI has come. Each patient had scheduled appointment times, but they all showed up at once....this is Guatemala! The three of us ended up working individually most of the day. Some of the concerns


Guatemala Mission Trip- Day 4

Day 4 started by observing ASELSI's milk program. The program consists of approximately 150 mothers from surrounding areas who based off of their infant to 3 year old's poor nutritional intake qualify for grant funded month long milk supply. In order to remain in the program, parents must show compliance