Café Cole: Picky Eaters

How picky is picky?

Parents are sometimes worried about their child being a picky eater, but when you get into it, the child is eating one or two dairy things, at least one meat; they’re able to eat corn, sweet potatoes and even some veggies.


Café Cole – A Feeding Therapy Series


We are joined today by one of Cole’s leading therapists and directors of Pediatric Therapy, Courtney Hescht, who is also our expert in Feeding Therapy!

Courtney, thanks for being here today! “Thanks for having me. It’s always a pleasure to talk about therapy and how we help our

2016 Haiti Mission Trip – Day 8

Day 8: From Haiti to home We started out our day at 3:30 am and headed to the Haiti airport, which ironically didn't open until 6:00am. We said our goodbyes to the remaining Coreluv team that we have made great friendships with- they are wonderful people and they stand


2016 Haiti Mission Trip – Day 7

Day 7: Mountains, beaches, and goodbyes After driving back and forth between the guest house, clinic, and orphanage all week and seeing the beautiful mountain ranges, we were all eager to hike up to the top of the only climbable mountain in Goniaves...well, except Keri (but we talked her