Home Visit & Clinic Day 3

Orientation and Tour

Our 3rd day in Guatemala started with an orientation and a tour of the ASELSI facilities. The orientation covered the history of ASELSI ministry, Guatemalan culture, and the programs the ministry offers. The group was able to learn about cultural differences between the ladino and indigenous communities

Mission Trip Day 1 & 2

Saturday (Day 1)
Welcome to Guatemala! After months of planning, we are excited to finally be here. The first day was a long day of travel. Lynn and Alfredo flew from Austin and Houston to meet Ingrid, Alma, and Justine. We flew together from Houston to Guatemala City. Eduardo and Bayron

Man’s Best Friend turned Therapy Assistant!

With the arrival of our new friend Van, the in-house therapy dog at Cole San Marcos, we're excited to be exploring new techniques in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). No stranger to Cole Pediatric Therapy, AAT has been used in many of our Houston area clinics and continues to be an


Celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month

If you didn't know, May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM)! Many of us have heard of Speech-Language Pathology (SLP), but how many of us know the job duties of these highly trained therapists? You may be surprised to discover what all their job entails! In this blog we'll