Mission Trip Day 6

Mission Trip Day 6

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Thursday was our last therapy day.  We had some new patients come in for assessments followed by a home visit with one of the kiddos from the other day, Dulce.

Alma found a surprise when she went to shower in the morning!

Alfredo made a new lego-loving friend!

Oral motor assessment with Josue! He's loving it!

Buenas dias from Josue and his abuelita.

Hola, hola! Call for Manuelita!

Manuelita perked up as soon as she got on the therapy ball!

In the afternoon, we had our second home visit. Dulce's family welcomed us into their home with open hearts.


Today was a bittersweet day for all of us.  Lots of laughs, hugs, and tears were shared.  Before leaving Dulce’s home, her mother offered us arroz con leche (hot sweet rice drink) and bread with a black bean spread.  She insisted that we take her upon this offering because this was the only way she could repay us for our acceptance of Dulce.  She shared with us that Dulce is often rejected by neighbors and family members. Her immediate family is sometimes not invited to events, because the extended family does not want Dulce to be present.  She told us that it meant a lot to her that we were not scared of her daughter and instead showered her with love and for that she was grateful.


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