Mission Trip Day 5

Mission Trip Day 5

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Headband day with the staff at CAF. The headbands were from Chichi Blooms and handmade by mothers of children in CAF and Ovejitas de Jesus.

Kiddos getting ready for Bible study (their favorite time of the day). Today is their last day of school! Children in Guatemala have a school break from mid-October until January.

Irma and Cassandra sequencing the schedule for school today.

One the patient's moms making sewn goods at Chi Chi Blooms.

Sarari completing some exercises. She travels 6 hours to get to therapy!

The staff treated us to a Guatemalan snack! Chuchitos are the Guatemalan version of tamales filled with the marinated chicken, onions, and herbs seen in the center of the plate. Rellenitos are a plantain-type dough stuffed with black beans and chocolate. They were so delicious!

Identifying letters at school!

Inside the Ovejitas School during station time

Stickers galore!

Ingrid doing what she does best!

Alma and Irma swinging around!

Pucker up

Alfredo working with Madalin

Lynn making a splint for Evelyn.

Evelyn all smiles after a long therapy session! She is such a trooper!

Irma and Ingrid waving bye!

We have a full day of assessments tomorrow at the clinic followed by a home visit with Dulce.

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  1. Lynn Raska says:

    Wow! Those are some beautiful smiles….on the kids AND therapists! Can’t wait to hear the stories

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