Day 7: Goodbyes

Day 7: Goodbyes

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Today was an extremely hard day for the team. It was our last day with the kiddos in which we spent the morning bonding and saying our goodbyes. Brittany gave a presentation to the mama’s for behavior training so that they all can help support each other and the kiddos in the most effective way. We checked on Jamesly and Brenda one last time due to their declined health the last couple days. Jamesly has demonstrated post operation issues and a cold while Brenda has been fighting an upper respiratory infection. Both children of God have improved and we are happy to know that they are in good hands. We also checked on Pachino who was taken to Port Au Prince to get neurological testing due to a recent decline in skills and brain activity. He came back today and was dancing and interacting with Mama Dorothy and the team with a huge smile on his face. Patrico also took steps in his gait trainer which was transferred to the orphanage from the clinic so that we had access to it in his everyday life.

Our final interactions and memories with the kiddos where both full of happiness and sadness. Even with very different backgrounds, experiences and languages, everyone came together. Hearts and arms were opened to each other left and right. Kisses, hugs, and kind words/gestures were exchanged. The team then took one last photo and said final goodbyes. As we were packing to leave, pastor Johnny warmed our hearts with the most kind and an encouraging words. We are so grateful we had him, the mamas and the Coreluv staff by our side all week and the kiddos are so blessed to have such an amazing family. We then went back to the guest house, grabbed our belongings and headed to Kalico where we would spend our last night. On our way we discussed our week with heavy hearts.

The experiences this week have brought so much joy and faith into our hearts. We laughed about all the hiccups and happy times and fell quite when discussing the sad times and our departure. The remaining of the ride was peaceful while everyone was in deep thought, taking in the gorgeous Jurassic scenery or resting after a long week. When we arrived at the resort we settled and admired the beautiful ocean. We had our final meal and devotion together this evening. We were blessed to hear Tory’s journey with Christ which was filled with lessons and experiences that we can apply to our own lives. We are so thankful for her kind heart and her vision for the medical clinic and therapy needs. Our team agrees that this has been a perfect week and an amazing life changing experience. A piece of our hearts will always be with the children at the Mayan orphanage!!!!!


Love Colleen, Sofia, Brittany, Jessica and Brook



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    you enjoying, they enjoying, all enjoying.. this is life. and you know how to enjoy it.

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