Day 6: Last Therapy Day

Day 6: Last Therapy Day

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After a very fun and eventful Sunday we woke up refreshed, and ready for our last day of therapy.  As soon as we got to the orphanage ST, PT, and OT worked together with Jamesly for the first time, since being out of the hospital for a procedure in his brain. He was super sweet and gave his best effort despite his cold and discomfort. We also spent time with his roommate Brenda, assisting Tori with making her splints to improve her hand function. The morning went by super fast and was very productive.

We took a short lunch so we could get right back into therapy. Again, we saw as many kids as we could to work on our new goals, educate the mommas, and answer any last minute questions. Our therapy team was in full swing and we had so much fun as the kids and mommas felt more comfortable with everything we have taught them. Remember Jackenda, the challenging kid we asked prayers for previously this week?  Well  ST and the behavioral therapist had a successful session, and we were able to develop a strong treatment plan. How amazing is that? Thank you all for the prayers.

As the the day was coming to an end we all felt very satisfied and happy with the hard work we put into each treatment session, the therapy goals, and education given. But our job didn’t stop there! We arrived to our guest house to find the cutest 2 year old Max with his grandmother.  She had concerns with his development, so we all took a look at him and gave her suggestions on what to work at home. 15 minutes later a sweet 3 year old appeared at the door with her daddy. We also gave her a quick assessment followed by suggestions. We were all tired, but there is this God given energy that kept us going, we came to Haiti to make a difference, and that isn’t just limited to the orphanage kids. We finished organizing files, goals, and made handouts which ended our long day.


With love,

Brooke, Sofia, Brittany, Jessica, and Colleen


Jamesly getting ready for therapy.

 Brooke teaching the mommas how to wrap.


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