Day 5: Sunday Funday

Day 5: Sunday Funday

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We woke up extra early to go on a hike. It was physically challenging as it was a steep 2 mile round trip hike, but it was worth it because the views were breathtaking. It was also nice because we had a chance to walk through some of the town. After our hike we went to church at the orphanage. It was so cute seeing all the kids dressed in their Sunday best. Though the service was in Creole, Pastor Jonny was passionate and enthusiastic in his delivery. They made us feel very welcomed and included. It was impressive to see the kids we usually see running around behaving so well and sitting and participating in the service. After church we rested to prepare for a fun filled afternoon playing with the kids. It was nice getting a chance to hang out and play with the kids outside of a therapy setting. We started the afternoon with an intense soccer match. The kids love soccer! They are so talented and play so well, we were scrambling to keep up. 45 minutes later, we took the kids on a walk up to Prayer Hill. At the top we had so much fun singing and dancing to traditional Haitian children’s songs. We took a silly group photo overlooking the orphanage with the beautiful mountains in the distance. To top off a perfect day, we got the see the most beautiful sunset on the drive back to the guesthouse.

Colleen, Sofia, Jess, Brittany, Brooke

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  1. Raylene Bell says:

    Thank you all so much for keeping us up to date. Brooke, this is the first picture of you not holding a baby. :-)

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