Day 4: Therapy Day and a Movie Night

Day 4: Therapy Day and a Movie Night

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Happy Saturday from Haiti! This morning wasn’t as early as yesterday so we got to sleep in a little, how nice! We ate breakfast and headed out to the Coreluv Orphanage. We spent all day doing therapy with the kids for 5-6 hours. We have seen such great progress from the kids in just 4 days & even their Momma’s are so eager to be involved in the quality of life of these kids! It’s so amazing the transformation you can see in such little time. Some amazing things we saw in our kids today were: Patrico standing in his gait trainer with the biggest smile on his face with little to no help at times, Brenda holding her hands open only after a few minutes of stretching, and Tamara was using her posterior walker on a more difficult terrain and going down a ramp! Sometimes not all stories have their successes. Among all the disciplines, together we have been working tremendously hard as a team to find and provide the best intervention for Jakenda. We are so determined to make a difference in her, and her mommas lives so our job isn’t done and we aren’t giving up. We ask as a team for prayers for us to wake up with new ideas, continued patience, strength, and and most importantly prayers for JaKenda as we are faced with some challenges.

On a brighter note, we ended our day surprising the kids.The kids knew there was a movie but had no idea we were watching Toy Story! They loved the movie as did we! The kids were all cuddled around us and it was truly a good, relaxing time. After the movie ended there was an even bigger surprise….PIZZA PARTY!!  The kids just went wild with excitement.

Today we were faced with some challenges but there were so many successes, and for that we are grateful.


Sofia, Jessica, Brooke, Colleen, and Brittany.

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  1. Lynn Raska says:

    Amazing stories! Even more amazing pictures! Thanks to all of you for your service! We miss you AND are so glad you are there

  2. Jason Stark says:

    Great stories. Hang in there with the challenges, your making a difference even if your not seeing it yet :-)

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